HFS is a nationally recognized leader in Medicare wage index expertise and client services. Since 2010, our findings have increased revenue to our clients by over $425 million*, generating an average return on investment of 30 to 1.

Our success is driven by a team of wage index experts and a thorough work-plan.

Our approach is tailored based on an in-depth analysis of hospital data, and is not complete until the final wage index is reconciled to the Federal Register.

Our results are attained by our determination to provide benefit to our clients.

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Selected CBSA Examples
CBSA Year CBSA AHW Findings Net Benefit
California Rural Floor2012$0.73$ 73,000,000
California Rural Floor2013$0.61$ 51,000,000
California Rural Floor2014$0.39$ 32,000,000
Los Angeles, CA2010$2.16$ 27,200,000
Phoenix, AZ2011$1.07$ 24,000,000
Portland, OR2013$1.76$ 16,000,000
Portland, OR2012$1.45$ 14,400,000
Ventura, CA2010$2.25$ 7,700,000
Seattle, WA2013$0.39$ 5,000,000
Santa Rosa, CA2011$0.53$ 2,100,000

To learn more about HFS and our wage index services please contact Ryan Sader at 714.656.4485 or ryans@hfsconsultants.com.

*Estimated benefit represents the increase to inpatient Medicare revenue using data as published in the CMS IPPS Impact File.